About Me

Hi there I'm Christian

I'm a creative mind and student of computer science from Bonn, Germany. I write for everyone willing to keep on searching, discovering and learning. I want to share inspiring resouces that I enjoy: Music and Movies that help me discover myself, society and sometimes just make me laugh. I believe in the freedom of knowledge and that the internet is a powerful weapon in the fight for a better world. I reject internet censorship and consider access to the internet to be a basic human right.

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I am addicted to music

I don't want to confine myself to one genre but currently it's mostly alternative rock, everything that is not too mainstream and often quite old. I used to have an archive with about 800 Songs but since I discovered Spotify I have playlists with hundereds of songs for every mood. I listen to music almost 24/7: At night when I go to sleep, in the morning on the bus, while showering, on the road, etc. In 2014 I listend to over 20 days of music and I believe it'll be a lot more this year. If you are interested in my favourite playlists, artists and songs...

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Movies are great

Once upon a time I started watching some of the IMDB Top 200 Movies and it was great. I marked every movie I watched on IMDB and I currently have watched about 175 among them are all Emma Watson movies (except the new Regression) and all parts of Die Hard and Saw. Find out how I became a fan of Emma Watson by pure luck and what movies you definitely have to watch.

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Is beauty

Well there is not much here yet but did you know that I actually invented Google Plus first? Read about this story and discover my game and software projects. There is a lot more too come in the future so stay tuned.

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